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Why is Pool Maintenance Important?

Swimming pools are a lot of fun in the summer months, as well as a great way to cool off.

Unfortunately, if not properly maintained a swimming pool can become a breeding ground for bacteria such as E.coli as well as protozoa, fungi, and viruses within just two weeks. Swimmers introduce a variety of contaminates into a swimming pool with each entry, including lotions, cosmetics, urine, fecal matter, and dirt. Left alone, your pool can quickly become a toxic soup that no one will want to enter.

This is why maintaining your pool on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis is so important. There are numerous methods for pool maintenance, and the size of your pool and the amount of use it gets will factor into how much and what type of maintenance you’ll need, all of which can affect the cost.

Opening and Closing

In addition to regular monthly maintenance costs, you should also consider opening and closing your pool during certain times of the year. When temperatures drop below 65°F, closing your pool will protect it from debris and contaminants while you’re not using it. Of course, if you close your pool, you’ll have to open it back up again once the weather gets warm enough for swimming. The upside to this is while your pool is closed, you won’t have to pay for monthly maintenance.


Types of Maintenance

Pools take a lot of maintenance on a regular basis to keep them safe for use. This maintenance changes depending on the time of year, whether you are opening or closing the pool, the size of the pool, and how much use it may get. In addition, depending on the type of pool you have and whether or not it is covered or lined, as well as what type of water you have, you may need to brush or clean the liner, check hardness levels and adjust chemicals accordingly, as well as maintain the equipment.

Type of Maintenance When to Perform
Lubricate fittings, valves, and plugs On opening, Monthly
Add algaecide Weekly
Take samples of water for professional testing On opening, Monthly
Run pool filter Daily
Adjust water levels On opening and closing, Weekly
Test and adjust pH, calcium, and sanitizer levels On opening, 2-3 times per week
Remove debris As needed
Remove leaves and debris, empty skimmer basket, and brush down walls Weekly
Clean filter and inspect all parts; check parts of heat pump Monthly
Check and adjust water temperature As needed
Vacuum pool On opening and closing, Weekly

Health Risks

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a report on recreational swimming pool maintenance. WHO recommends daily and weekly treatment of swimming pools to avoid a number of different health risks that can be associated with all types of pools. Standing water, such as a swimming pool, can become the breeding ground to a number of different bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. People with lowered immune systems, children, and the elderly are at particularly high risk of contracting serious illnesses through the use of an unmaintained swimming pool. These pathogens can become introduced to the water through a number of different sources including fecal matter, insects, rodents and pests, groundwater runoff, and users who may already be ill. Once introduced into the water, the use of pool heaters help to encourage the growth of these pathogens along with other organisms such as algae until the pool becomes unsafe to enter. Proper filtering and chemical maintenance can prevent these issues from occurring and keep your pool safe for use.

Why Choose Backyard Basics for Your Pool Maintenance?

Our goal for every customer is to allow them to enjoy their pool and outdoor living space without ever worrying about their pool water or systems. From our beginning days in pool service, we have developed consistent, quality pool practices and capabilities into cost effective services.


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